Terms and Conditions


Payment is due on the day of service. Payments not received in full on the day of service are subject to a late fee. Unpaid invoices after 30 days are subject to collections, additional fees, and reasonable interest.


The customer may order changes to the work including, but not limited to, additions, deletions, or modifications. The customer will pay all costs associated with change orders. Frankie’s Plumbing LLC is not liable for existing plumbing, heatin g, or gas conditions. The customer will pay all costs that may occur if it is necessary or if required by local code official to upgrade to current plumbing, heating, or gas code for a safe and proper working system. Proposal is based on visible conditions and the customer agrees that the price may vary due to non – visible plumbing conditions


Frankie’s Plumbing LLC will complte the work and any change orders as quickly as possible. The customer agrees, however, that Frankie’s Plumbing LLC shal l not be responsible for any damages to the customer, either direct or incidental, arising from any delays in completing the work before any date discussed between the customer and Frankie’s Plumbing LLC , unless explicitly agreed to in writing between Frankie’ s Plumbing LLC and the customer. Work dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and will be rescheduled in a timely manner


The customer agrees that the only damages that may be brought by the customer against Fra nkie’s Plumbing LLC relate to Frankie’s Plumbing LLC failure to complete the work, or damage to the customer property or persons while on customers’ property. Customer agrees that any breach of this contract shall result in damages to Frankie’s Plumbing LLC , including all direct and incidental damages arising from the breach. The customer agrees that Frankie’s Plumbing LLC damages shall include, but not be limited to time, resources, equipment and overhead used in mobilization, purchasing materials, and preparing plans, re asonable attorneys’ fees and costs associated with any legal action because of the customers breach, including any claim for mechanic’s lien. Any legal action shall be pursued in the courts of California, and notwithstanding any conflict of law principles, shall be governed by California law. Payments not made in full will be subject to property lien. Acceptance of this proposal is considered legal notice of property lien.


The customer agrees to allow Frankie’s Plumbing LLC to use any pictures of the work performed and the rights and privileges to use all testimonials written or verbal in our advertisements without penalty or fees from customer.


Purchaser agrees to allow Frankie’s Plumbing LLC to use customers email address for receiving advertisements and specials without penalty or fees from customer. Frankie’s Plumbing LLC agrees to keep all email and personal information private from others. The customer and Frankie’s Plumbing LLC agree that electronic communicatio nincluding but not limited to e-mail, fax, online or text communication constitutes written communication and is acceptable for amending the agreement via writing.
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