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Are you a home or business owner looking for reliable and affordable Drain Cleaning Service in San Diego, CA and surrounding Areas? Look no further than Frankie’s Plumbing. We have a reputation of providing the best plumbing service at a very competitive price. Call us today at (619)395-5254 to book your next drain cleaning service.
Having a clogged drain can be a real hassle, but do not worry; Frankie’s Plumbing is here to help. We offer fast and efficient drain cleaning services in San Diego. We have the necessary skills, tools and experience to get your drains cleaned, cleared and running smoothly in no time. If you are noticing water draining slowly or your toilet is overflowing, it could be an indication of a bigger problem in your main sewer line that needs to be serviced immediately. Call our team today at (619)395-5254 to get your drains cleared up in the shortest time possible.

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No one wants to deal with a clogged drain or sewer line, especially those that turn into messy, costly, issues requiring a call to an emergency plumber. There is no secret that in order to avoid these issues and resolve them quickly when they occur is by partnering with a reliable and experienced local plumber. Frankie’s Plumbing is your first and best choice! Not only does our team bring years of experience to every home plumbing call, but we are also well trained and licensed. No job is too big or too small for our team. We will handle your plumbing project with confidence, providing the best drain cleaning solutions you need to avoid a major mess and cost. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment with our friendly local plumbers. We look forward to serving you soon!

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

The sewer line carries your home’s black and gray water to the sewer line. Any clogged sewer drain can cause serious problems that require a professional drain cleaning.

5 Warning Signs that You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

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If slow-moving drains are starting to get on your nerves, call (619)395-5254 and schedule an appointment for professional drain cleaning services in San Diego and surrounding areas. Keep your drains flowing smoothly when you call the team at Frankie’s Plumbing!


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We are a professional, local plumbing company that prides itself on quality workmanship, first-class customer service and competitive pricing. Every job is carried out with your safety and comfort as our top priority. With our plumbers executing technical skills flawlessly every time and our high standards of customer service, we won’t let you down. If you are looking for a plumbing company that goes above and beyond your expectations and provides honest recommendations, we are the team for you. We take our responsibility seriously when you place your trust in us. We pledge to offer you the most affordable pricing and beat any of our competitors’ prices. Contact Frankie’s Plumbing today and get your service request started.
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